The amount of fireworks were tremendous, smoke layered the land like fog before dawn. This turned out quite well, considering I didn’t have a tripod! An advice I would give would be to not be afraid of turning up the ISO. I have a D700 and never really go past ISO 3200. Personally, I can’t … Continue reading Diwali


Dayummm!! Back from the depths of darkness (school), thank God for strikes! This gives me a chance to pick up the balls and begin the juggle again. This photo feels so refreshing to look at. At the peak of day, the sun warms me while cool winds simultaneously breeze through the plains surrounding this gargantuan … Continue reading Transfiguration


This is the lifestyle of a basic college kid; starbucks, assignments, and hipster music. The only thing missing here is my longboard! Thanks to Peter Mckinnon’s video, I steered away from keeping the notebooks cleanly lit and it durastically adds more depth and organic feel in the photo. Again, dropping all notions of traditional elements, … Continue reading BB


They say rules are made to be broken. But because I’ve been versed in art and their traditional elements, I find it difficult to venture from practicality to intuition. This would be one of the first steps I take towards that direction; abandoning a sense of reason for the sake of sensation. There was something … Continue reading Divide

’90s Dusk

What is up with September, I was expecting fall! This was taken a couple nights ago (the day after Studious, of course). The colorful night sky was fascinating, the array of colors painting the night sky slowly fading into darkness was something that had to be captured. I attempted to recreate the beautiful colors casting over … Continue reading ’90s Dusk


School is turning out to be quite a handful; juggling exams, assignments, work, project 365s. After a weekend of crunching, I’m able to get back on top of it! Although I haven’t been able to post for the past couple days, photo’s have definitely been captured throughout. Criticizing Photographs by Terry Barrett is a book … Continue reading Studious


Another sunny day, it’s unbelievable that it’s the last few days of summer! Although this is a beautiful photo showcasing mother natures diversity in color and flora, it didn’t take much thought to take the photo – just compose and shoot. Being a generic photo, I’m not sure what I could’ve done to improve this … Continue reading Petals