So I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, so I’m doing it now. This was taken RAW with my camera and edited on my phone. Through all the hustle and bustle, I looked around to capture either something “popular” or something that captures a moment. I think this is somewhere in between.  I originally … Continue reading Delayed


An epiphany hit me – there’s a reason why popular photos and styles are popular! For the next week, I’ll be trying to lean towards those popular angles, compositions, and editing styles. The composition of this photo though, is quite the opposite. I don’t think anyone composes their drinks in this manner, but I like … Continue reading Cocoa


The blue moon burger is so delectable! That and the poutine are the only things I get from this place. I got to borrow a friends 24-120mm f4 for the trip and decided to test out the wide angle for the day. Although I’m not lens expert, I like the emphasis on the center of … Continue reading Mangia!


Dont have access to a computer tonight, but I did learn something new about my phone again! Apparently, I can take RAW photos on it!! Well, looking at the image, the amount of noise is horrendous and, unfortunately, there’s no noise reduction on the mobile Lightroom.  I did keep in mind to “capture the moment” … Continue reading Packed


I just found out I could edit RAW photos on my phone!! AND I can use HTML to format on my phone!! This helps tremendously, especially with my highly anticipated trip to Iceland in a couple days. The fog hovering over the city tonight’s gorgeous, being stuck in the office, I wasn’t able to fully … Continue reading Shroud


Taken with my OnePlus Two. Doing this process on my phone is so difficult! There’s nothing extravagant about the edit of the photo, but I do like the way the path and the walls meet. The floor patterns have the potential for an abstract image, I just wasn’t able to capture it well. Next time … Continue reading Potential


Didn’t get a chance to take anything interesting today. This was on my home. While looking out the window, I noticed the positioning of the three cars. Something about it appeals to me, some sort of terrific trio out to save the world. I went with a blue undertone for the shot, hoping it’ll give … Continue reading Eager