I was juggling between this picture or a still life of what I’ve been doing all day. Just a messy desk with tons of paperwork! Decided to go with something that has a bit more style. Nothing much to say about this photo, it’s pretty straight forward. Aperture: 1.4 ISO: 1600 Shutter: 1/640 Mode: A-Priority Continue reading Yamamoto


Yes, this is a late post. Yes, this is why it was a late post. BUT, better late than never! I decided to extrapolate the style of Mr. Patterson to create a feeling of drunkness. The fuzzy pictures, the mass amount of cups, the double rainbow.. When editing the photo, I chose to make it … Continue reading Drunk


I’m speechless at the colors created by the atmosphere! Even though I see this almost everyday, I’m still in awe of the magnificent sunset. While talking to my brother today, I realized why I sometimes feel unconfident about my pictures. When beginning this journey, I was hoping to grow on my creative side and because … Continue reading Towers


It’s humid. It’s wet. It’s…British. (Ba dum tsss). Todays weather inspired me to search for a subject that represents dreariness, mundanity, and boredom. What popped into my head was an image of a Russian apartment complex on a regular day (uhh, not sure if saying that is P.C). When editing this photo, I reminded myself … Continue reading Structures


Another exerpt from Freeman Patterson. Rather than doing it like the last one, I decided to try a different approach to give it that ripple effect. The texture and color of this image is so appeasing! Not much editing went into this photo, I tried to stick with the natural colors of the flowers. Aperture: … Continue reading Patterns


These past few weeks, responsibilities have slowly began creeping into my life. Now, I’m bombarded with work coming in from every angle, struggling to keep everything up in the air. My S.O brought up a good point about time management tonight. If I look at the cup half full, it could be a preparation for my … Continue reading Skillet


I was watching Peter McKinnons video on vlogging today. Although I don’t vlog, I learnt the value of planning. Yes, it’s supposed to be about you and your day, but you can’t rely on the spontaneity of the day to capture something exciting. Planning is a necessity. With my Iceland trip coming up and the … Continue reading Popular