Corvair 95

My oh my, what a car! This beauty was in the parking lot taunting me. Luring me over with it’s luscious headlights, the vicarious exhilaration of taming this beast behind the wheel was a temptation I could not resist. Unfortunately it was locked, so the next best thing was a photograph. I made sure to … Continue reading Corvair 95


Welp, I made lemonade today. I went on an hour long bike ride to the highway to take some beautiful night landscape photography. Came home, popped in my CF card, and the presence of my photo’s were no where to be seen… Rather than call it a day, I decided to try and at least … Continue reading Somber


Continued reading Freeman Patterson and André Gallant’s book, Photo Impressionism: and the subjective image. I still haven’t gotten past the first chapter, mostly because I want to get the hang of multiple exposures. This is a photo with 18 multiple exposures all together. Quite a feat, if I do say so myself! I love how, although … Continue reading Supreme


While shopping at Yorkdale today, my SO and I went into Sephora to pick up a new eyeliner. Close to the checkout, a line of young women were eagerly waiting to get a selfie with this individual, but who was she? “That’s Jen Atkin,” an associate informed me. Hm…okay, i don’t know who she is, … Continue reading Fashionista


I learnt a valuable lesson today. NEVER leave your camera at home. I left the house this afternoon thinking “I’m just going out for a run. I doubt there’ll be anything to photograph within that hour.” Lo and behold, a cherry red 1967 Mustang convertible is sitting in the parking lot! That was the most painful lesson … Continue reading COOGI

Looking Glass

As mentioned in my previous post, Astrid, I was going to attempt at taking a picture of a subject with a different approach while incorporating my Prelude as well. I’ve been consciously avoiding an opened aperture and working more on creating a composition by focusing on foreground, mid-ground, and background. Sean Tucker brought up a really good point … Continue reading Looking Glass

Café Noir

Today I took a big step in my photographic endeavor – I asked for a photograph! After taking only half a dozen shots of this coffee shop, I was left with photo’s not up to par – at least not what I had in mind. Looking for a composition that worked well at expressing the … Continue reading Café Noir