I agree that this picture isn’t stunning, or a masterpiece of any kind, but it does represent my day very well. As you may have guessed, I’ve been gaming all day – SSB4, to be exact. What lacks in composition is made up with the edit. Since these are classic controllers, I decided to go … Continue reading Retro


After spending a majority of the day being inspired by photographers, fashion, and product photography, I decided to try it out myself. I absolutely love the way this picture turned out! Beginning with the backdrop, I just love the texture and color. I think it coordinates very well with the Giuseppe’s. As for the product … Continue reading Zanotti


Ydessa Hendeles did a great job of making the viewer feel like an outsider on her installation, From her wooden sleep… . The purpose of this art piece, and a few others such as Jumbo,  is to demonstrate the evolution that words or characters have on society as their culture progresses. Hendeles’ exhibition was especially unique for me. I felt … Continue reading Damnation


While waiting for the bus tonight, there were a group of individuals perfectly aligned along the curb staring at something in their hand. I thought it’d be a great opportunity to capture a bit of the city life, since street photography is one of my interests. I think the rhythm of the photo helps emphasize … Continue reading Automation


This picture represents the rewards of inquiring. I got a chance to take a bunch of photo’s of the local fire station by just asking! I was certain the crew would be opposed to my request, but they were more than happy to let me shoot away. Of all the photo’s and angles, I think … Continue reading Fuego


Staying up until 6AM posed quite a challenge, especially with the excursion of the previous night, but it was well worth it. Sticking to the “self-study” of composition, I chose to derail from the rules by having the landscape only fill 1/6th of the frame and placing the sun spot on the middle. I think … Continue reading Wheat


My first late post and I greatly regret being late. Another bad day where I came home to a corrupt memory card with only two images left. I took this picture hoping to create a frame with the trees emphasizing the moon. Being 1AM into the next day and slightly drunk, I’m not sure how … Continue reading Citadel